Saturday, September 12, 2009

Repeal the Ohio state estate tax now!

Here is a letter I wrote to my state Rep., Dan Stewart, and my state Senator, Ray Miller, in support of repealing the estate tax.


I encourage you to lend your vocal and legislative support to the Ohio state chapter of Americans for Prosperity on the issue of repealing the state estate tax. More appropriately titled the death tax, this tax is one of the most unjust burdens that a government can place on its citizens. Not only is it completely unreasonable to take someone’s justly earned money simply because they die, it is also without question double taxation, as anyone who ends up paying the death tax has already paid taxes on that money when it was earned. In a country that prides itself on individual freedom and the right to hold private property, the death tax is out of place and a stain on our values. In fact, Karl Marx lists “the abolition of all right of inheritance” as his third tenet of an advanced communist state. Laws like the estate tax have no room in a capitalistic society such as ours.

You would do the state of Ohio an enormous service and show us to be a great example to the rest of the country by supporting the repeal of the estate tax.

Thank you,
Adam Millsap, Voter
Columbus, OH

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