Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's been a while...

So it has been a while since my last post. The holidays, moving, applying to grad school, and getting my new computer set up each contributed to my tardiness. But I'm back now and I recently wrote a new letter to my Senators and Congressman concerning health care reform that I wanted to post. I encourage all of you to write your elected officials as well and let them know your thoughts. It really can make a difference.

Dear Congressman/Senator,

As Congress continues to debate health care reform, I encourage you to stick to the free market principles that have made this country great and insist that the following be included in any health care reform bill:

1. Allowing health insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines. This would increase the competition among insurers and eventually lead to lower costs.

2. Take insurance out of the hands of employers and into the hands of consumers. This would make insurance portable, which would allow people to leave their jobs without having to worry about losing their health care. It would also make consumers more aware of the costs of health care, as they would be responsible for picking out a plan that fit their needs and budget. This could be done with a tax credit for individuals and families, say up to $5,000 for individuals and 12,500 for families, with additional aid to low income Americans.

3. Eliminate the ability for insurers to deny people with preexisting conditions. All Americans deserve to be insured. Those with preexisting conditions, however, must realize that they are riskier and their premiums must reflect that while not pricing them out.

4. Put an end to frivolous lawsuits. Doctor's cannot be constantly worried about getting sued out of their practice for honest mistakes. Doctor's must be held accountable, but the number of lawsuits and the amount of rewards need to be brought under control.

I also implore you to stand up against any public option, either in this bill or a future bill, as well as any additional taxes on the “wealthy”. Masking the costs of health care by pushing more of the burden on the “wealthy” will do nothing to bring down costs and in fact will likely increase them.

In closing, remember that it is the free market that made America great and it will be the free market that keeps us great.

Thank you,
Adam Millsap, Voter
Westerville, OH

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