Friday, May 28, 2010

Great article from John Stossel about the myths surrounding green energy. The sheer magnitude of worldwide energy use makes the transition to only green energy completely unrealistic. Like Mr. Stossel, I plan on riding my bike to class once I start at Clemson. But as the article points out, it will take a lot more than bike riding to lessen our dependence on oil.

One more quick note. I especially like how Mr. Stossel points out that they have been talking about electric cars as the cars of the future since 1915! This is similar to how dippin dots have been the ice cream of the future since I was 10, lol.

Here is the link to Robert Bryce's web page.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Too much easy money will be a problem

Great op ed from the NY Times today explaining the pitfalls of easy money. As the article points out, it's more than just inflation. Feeding asset bubbles and artificially improving the fiscal position of govt's are also the results of easy money.

I personally agree with this op ed and other economists who say that the Fed Funds rate needs to be raised. Unfortunately, the dovish behavior of the Bernanke Fed makes this unlikely at the moment.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The new "Jobs" bill is a joke

The above link is a great opinion piece from today's Journal dissecting the new stimulus/jobs bill pending in the House. My fave line from the article:

Representative Jim McDermott recently declared on the House floor that jobless payments are "one of the most effective forms of economic stimulus" because "every unemployment dollar spent returns $1.64 of economic benefits". So let's lay off everybody, pay them for not working, and watch the economy really boom. Where do they teach this stuff?

So true. I hope some Republican in the House responded with that. This "Jobs" bill will have the same effect as the last one....and I believe unemployment currently stands at 9.9%. Let's hope this thing gets thrown on the legislative trash heap and the gov't quits wasting taxpayer dollars.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Political free speech for all? Not so fast....

Excellent opinion piece about a bill being introduced by Sen. Chuck Schumer that attempts to blunt the effects of the recent Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs. FEC.

Sen. Schumer's attempt to "equalize" political speech really creates even more burdensome regulation than already exists. This will make it even harder for grass roots campaigns and small groups of individuals to partake in the political process due to the high costs of meeting all of the regulations and the fear of breaking a Federal law.

The law also treats Unions and Corporations differently, which will allow unions to continue to exert heavy influence on policy while corporations and other groups will be forced to remain on the sidelines.

Just another example of a politician helping his/her friends while claiming to help average Americans.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I don't think adhering to the Constitution is extreme

In his op ed for the NY Times, Mr. Krugman claims that wanting to abolish the Federal Reserve, the Dept. of Education, and the EPA are radical ideas that are part of "Republican extremism". I challenge Mr. Krugman to show me where in the Constitution it mandates or even suggests any of these govt entities.

Mr. Krugman may think that they are important and disagree with the calls to abolish them (as I do with the Federal Reserve), but to say that they are extreme ideas is ridiculous and only distracts us from the necessary debate we should be having about frivolous govt programs. Once again Mr. Krugman shows himself to be a partisan first and foremost.