Sunday, November 14, 2010

So stupid

Apparently being a white African American can get you in a lot of troube in New Jersey.

A 3rd generation white man from Mozambique, Africa, Paulo Serodio, was suspended from medical school for labeling himself a white African American in a class. One of his classmates said they were offended by his characterization. Apparently only black people can be from Africa.

This raises quite the dilemma. Are black people born in England not allowed to call themselves English? Where is the outrage when white people from Australia call themselves Australians? They aren't native to that land. How many generations must a family live in a place before they can begin referring to themselves as being from there?

To add even more complication, what about someone from Egypt, Algeria, or Morocco? All of these countries are in Africa yet their native inhabitants are not black. Are they not allowed to refer to themselves as African Americans if they choose?

Anyone who takes offense to a man who was born and raised in Africa and then became an American citizen calling himself an African American needs to be ignored as the idiot they are.

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