Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Same old whining from the left

The left leaning NY Times editorial board wrote a piece today that repeats the same greedy, jealous, and misguided complaints as the past when it comes to tax cuts. Of course the NY Times thinks that the Republicans are the real evil ones.

"The real responsibility for what’s wrong with the tax deal lies with Republicans. They coldly insisted on the high-end tax cuts at all costs, no matter the pain they might inflict further down the income ladder or what staggering cost they might impose in years to come."

I just cannot wrap my head around the crazy liberal thought that taking from some to give to others is not only OK, but the morally right thing to do! We shouldn't let "rich" people keep their money because it inflicts pain further down the income ladder? How? And even if it does, what's your point? Are we all bounded by some higher law to take every person's well being into account before we can do something? "Rich" people have earned their money, and charging them lower taxes is simply letting theme keep what is theirs. It is as simple as that.

Later the article says;

"There will be no sound economic reason to make the tax cuts for the top 2 percent of taxpayers permanent in two years."

Perhaps not, but since when do sound economics play a role in deciding who can steal from whom? There's no sound economic reason as to why Jay Leno has 100 cars but if I used that as my excuse for stealing one of them I doubt the police would let me slide.

The democrats remind me of some elitist parents trying to plot out their kids life. Poor Johnny (aka the "rich") is sitting at the kitchen table while the know it all parents (aka the Dem's) talk about where he's going to school, tennis or violin, whether he's going to be a Dr. or a lawyer, etc. Meanwhile Johnny is like "hey assholes, I have some thoughts of my own. There is stuff that I want to do". But the "rich's" ideas for their own money don't matter. The uber smart Dem's need to control it and spread it around. They know best damn it and we would all be better off if Johnny just sucked it up, played the violin and lived a miserable life as a lawyer. Who cares if one day he cracks and bludgeons his parents to death with that violin.

If only the "rich" could figure out a way to do the same thing to the Dem's.