Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What stimulus bill are democrats talking about?

In a recent WSJ oped Alan Blinder implicitly calls for supporting Obama's American Jobs Act. Democratic strategist Donna Brazile does the same in an opinion piece for CNN.com. Both declare that all Obama is trying to do is make sure that firefighters, police officers, and teachers stay on the job and that America invests in its own crumbling infrastructure.

If that was truly the case perhaps more people would be behind the Obama's plan. I probably would not be, mostly because I think that there are more than enough policeman (and teachers) where I am from, hence why we can afford to have so many policeman sitting beside the highway trying to catch the oh so dangerous "speeder". But some republicans might like the sound of Obama's plan.

There is a problem though. Obama's jobs act is so much more than infrastructure spending and firefighter hiring. He also wants to implement/create:

1. A “Returning Heroes” hiring tax credit for veterans
2. A $4,000 tax credit to employers for hiring long-term unemployed workers.
3. Prohibiting employers from discriminating against unemployed workers
4. Allowing more Americans to refinance their mortgages at today’s near 4 percent interest rates
5. Create a National Infrastructure bank

 amongst other things, including additional temporary tax breaks that won't have any real effect on the economy.

Now maybe some of these other things are good. I don't think they are, but some people might. Regardless, Obama's plan is a lot more comprehensive than just building roads and bridges and hiring policemen. It would be nice if democrats and Obama supporters put their money where their mouth is and actually offer up a bill that only calls for investing in infrastructure and hiring teachers, policemen, and firemen, instead of calling for that stuff publicly and then throwing in a bunch of other crap, only to cry when republicans don't "support teachers". It may or may not pass, but at least democrats would be telling the truth when they whine to the media.

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