Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Democrats are pro choice? Hardly.

reason.tv exposes the hypocrisy of the Democratic party with a hilarious video of DNC delegates talking about choices. Democrats are all about choice, as long as people pick the choice that they would pick. If not then they don't like choice. Right delegate from Texas at 1:30?

Pay attention to the lady at 2:11, who is so confused by her party's hypocrisy that she fumbles a key party platform. Hey, don't feel bad green lady. If my political positions contradicted each other I might get confused too. And I think the Flapper at 3:44 basically sums up the Democratic party.

At the DNC, Bill Clinton presented a (false) choice about what kind of country Americans can live in. Either a "you're on your own" country, which he claims Republicans support (I wish they did) or a "we are all in it together" country, which the Democrats promise. Well Slick Willy, if I have to be "in it together" with these winners from the DNC, I will definitely take my chances with the "you're on your own country". Mark me down as a vote for Gary Johnson.


  1. The Daily Show did a segment just like this at the RNC...interviewing people who believe strongly in the right to individual choice but are prolife. It's interesting how people on both sides of the political spectrum are often inconsistent in their beliefs when it comes to abortion.

  2. That is because people on both sides of the spectrum are convinced of their own infallibility. I honestly do not understand how anyone can be a hardcore republican or democrat. It truly boggles my mind.