Monday, August 26, 2013

I really dislike Sherrod Brown

In my most recently received Sen. Sherrod Brown email I read this gem:

"Sometimes, there are Ohio companies who want to expand operations and hire new workers, but federal bureaucracy stands in their way. Recently, a Lorain County small business owner contacted my office because he was having difficulty with a certification required by the federal government. To help cut through red tape, my office sent a letter to the agency. The agency promptly responded and provided the small business owner with the information he needed to move forward and grow his business."

That's right Sherrod. That annoying federal red tape is always getting in the way. This coming from a man who supports "buy American" laws, living wages, Obamacare, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, etc. etc. etc. I am nearly certain that Sen. Brown has never seen a regulation that didn't make him giggle with delight.

Instead of supporting less regulation he encourages Ohioans to waste time calling his office so that he can look like a hero for getting around a problem that he fosters everyday. His time in office cannot come to an end soon enough.

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